BabyKicks Brand New Premium Pocket Diaper & Basic Pocket Diaper Review!


BabyKicks is launching two brand new cloth diapers on May 1st! One is the Premium Pocket Diaper (a new version of the 3G Pocket Diaper) and the other is a brand new model called the Basic Pocket Diaper. I am so excited to be able to review these diapers before they launch and tell you a little about them!

BabyKicks New Diapers

My Diaper Review

I’ll start with the BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper. If you haven’t already, you may want to read my review of the 3G Pocket Diaper so you can compare the new features of this diaper.

BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper Review

The Premium Pocket Diaper is a one-size diaper that fits children from 7-40 lbs. In addition to the side-snapping version, they have introduced a hook and loop model as well. The diaper inner is now made of Bamboo Velour which is oh-so-soft. They’ve added a separate microfleece stay-dry liner to place on top of the inner if you don’t want your baby to feel wet.

BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper Review

The same one-size JoeyBunz hemp insert is included, which can be folded down for size adjustment. The insert can be stuffed into the pocket, or if you’re like me and don’t really care for stuffing pockets, you can simply lay it on top of the diaper inner AI2-style. The new Premium version has a wider front panel and wider front pocket opening for easier stuffing. The leg gussets are made of the same super soft fleece, which contain everything while having a very gentle fit on the legs.

BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper Review

BabyKicks sent me a Premium Pocket Diaper in green with snap closures to review. I got a great fit on Baby M and overall really love this diaper. I like the new features a lot! The bamboo velour inner is especially nice.

BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper Review

Overall the diaper seems bigger than the 3G version which is great because Baby M is 26 lbs and outgrowing a lot of one-size diapers. Baby M wears the Premium diaper with one rise setting snapped down, on the largest waist setting.

BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper Review

The only thing I would like to see further improved about this diaper is another waist setting for thicker babies and toddlers like mine. I always worry when we get to the very last waist setting on a diaper! Other than that, however, I think this diaper is excellent and I will definitely be getting some for Baby #2. It’s a very soft and trim fitting diaper and we never get any red marks with it.

BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper Review

The diaper has a special newborn fold where the top of the front panel folds down into the pocket opening and the wings cross over to snap the diaper down really small. You can read my review of the BabyKicks 3G to see better how this newborn fold works. The bamboo velour inner has some absorbency to it, so you may not even need an insert for the first week or two when baby is really tiny.

BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper Review

I like that the side-snapping version is also designed to be a training pant, where the bamboo velour allows a little absorbency if needed, yet it will also make your child feel wet if needed since it’s a natural fiber. It’s great when you can have a one-size diaper that fits from birth to potty training, and then also use it as a training pant!

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper

The second diaper that BabyKicks sent me to review was the new BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper. This is also a one-size cloth diaper that fits from 7-40 lbs. It is available with snap or hook and loop closures (pictured in red above).

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper Review

I received a black Basic Pocket Diaper in hook and loop to try out. The diaper is cut significantly trimmer than the Premium Pocket Diaper and fits much lower in the rise.

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper Review

The Basic Pocket Diaper has soft microfleece lining that wicks moisture away and creates a stay-dry feel. It does not have the soft fleece leg openings that the Premium diaper has, but the elastics are still very gentle.

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper Review

The diaper comes with a one-size microfiber insert that has two layers of hemp on top. If you stuff the insert into the pocket, the microfiber side should face up since it absorbs quicker than hemp. If you want to use it AI2 style however, which works just as well, you’ll want to lay the insert so that the hemp is facing up against your child’s skin because microfiber will irritate it and dry it out. We like to use most of our pocket diapers AI2-style because it saves the extra step of stuffing, so it’s nice that the Basic insert provides this option.

The Basic Pocket Diaper offers the newborn fold in the aplix version, but does not have the appropriate snaps for the newborn fold on the snap version. So if you want the diaper to fit very tiny babies, I would definitely go with the aplix. Here is the hook and loop diaper on the very smallest setting, next to a Bumgenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper also on its smallest setting:

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper Review

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper Review

And here is a picture showing the largest settings on both diapers:

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper Review

Overall the Basic Pocket Diaper fits trimmer than most one-size diapers and is able to get very tiny on the smallest setting, while fitting about average on the largest setting.

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper Review

Baby M is 19 months and 26 lbs, and he wears the Basic Pocket Diaper on the very largest setting (rise and waist).

BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper Review

The hook and loop closures and laundry tabs are very strong and secure. This is the same kind of aplix offered on the Premium Pocket Diaper as well, and it is similar to Grovia aplix if you have ever tried their hook and loop diapers–although the BabyKicks aplix appears to stick a little better than Grovia aplix.

The Bottom Line

Overall I really like both diapers. I think the Basic Pocket Diaper is better suited for smaller/slimmer babies because of the short rise and super trim cut. The Premium Pocket diaper features a much higher rise and is a larger diaper overall, which I prefer for Baby M. I also prefer the soft fleece leg gussets on the Premium Pocket Diaper, which has always been one of my favorite things about BabyKicks diapers. However, with a MSRP of only $15.99 for the Basic compared to $21.50 for the Premium, the Basic diaper does offer a more affordable option. Both diaper inserts are very absorbent and keep our heavy-wetter until the next diaper change without leaks. I like that BabyKicks added a stay-dry liner with the Premium diaper and that the Basic diaper comes with a stay-dry microfleece inner because Baby M doesn’t like wetness against his skin. Both diapers are really great options, though personally I would prefer to spend the extra money on the Premium Pocket Diaper because it has the fleece gussets and I believe the diaper is better suited for fitting from birth until potty training and beyond.


Some Extras

BabyKicks was also kind enough to include a set of their hemp wipes and one of their special gift bags made from soft hemp fleece. I loved both!

BabyKicks Hemp Wipes Review

There are 10 wipes included in the pack and they are serged with different colored thread for a fun mix!

BabyKicks Hemp Wipes Review

The wipes are great for diaper changes but also for spills, wiping faces, or using as a regular washcloth.

BabyKicks Hemp Wipes Review

The bag is so soft and I love it for toting around some of Baby M’s favorite toys whenever we go out. He loves to pull them out of the bag. I think reusable gift bags are great because you can use them for so many things, or re-gift them to someone else.

Buy It

The Premium Pocket Diaper ($21.50) and Basic Pocket Diaper ($15.99)
will be available for purchase soon at BabyKicks
and cloth diaper retailers like Kelly’s Closet.

BabyKicks Wipes may be purchased for $15.95 / 10 pack
and BabyKicks Hemp Gift Bags are $10.00 each.

Stop by and follow BabyKicks on Facebook
for news, discounts and giveaways!


Disclosure: I received these products for the purpose of my honest review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are purely my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


  1. says

    I like the look of those diapers. I only have one side snapping diaper right now but it fits my son perfectly. I’ve been looking for other side snapping diapers to try. This one will go on my list! I also love the look of those wipes – they look so soft and I like the different colored edges!

  2. says

    These look really good.. I hope they are as soft and comfortable as they look. Only one way to find out, Im gonna buy em!

  3. says

    I love how these diapers snap to the wings. We have KnickerKnappies that do this and I have to say the KnickerNappies are my favorite over the Fuzzi Bunz!

  4. Jamie Howe says

    I’ve never tried a side snapping diaper before, but it may be something I will look into in the future. :)

  5. Stephanie Crawford says

    I’ve always wanted to try a side snapping diaper. they look more streamlined. Bamboo velour is very luxurious!

  6. Judith Moyers says

    If I had a chance.. I would try the Basic Pocket Diaper because I seem to have tiny children.. and you said that you think it would “better suite them… with the short rise and super trim cut.” :) Thanks for sharing.

  7. Morgan E says

    I love that when you give reviews you are so detailed and give lots of pictures. These diapers look great!

  8. Charlotte R says

    Thanks for the great review. I love the bamboo velour inner of the premium and that it can be even used as a potty training pant!

  9. Justice Montgomery says

    I like the side snaps. They are the ones that my toddler can’t undo! LOL And the red is a nice bright color too!

  10. heather c. says

    I love the 2 Babykicks diapers that I have; I think they are older versions. Thanks for explaining the differences so well.

  11. Rachael Kojetin says

    I love that BabyKicks uses natural fibers. I am not a big fan of microfiber. I love that they are so trim too!! I have a skinny babe so the trimmer the diaper the better it fits her. I also love how vibrant the colors are.

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