Boba 3G Baby Carrier Review! #NewMeEvent


Does your baby or toddler love to be picked up? One of the main things that has hindered me from working out and getting in shape since Baby M was born has been the fact that he wants to be held all the time. Boba 3G Baby Carrier ReviewWhen he was an infant, he was typically never content for more than a few minutes before he was crying to be in my arms again, and now that he’s a toddler he is constantly pulling at my legs and wanting “up.” My arms and back are sore by the end of the day and workouts just don’t happen.

The solution? Boba sent me one of their new 3G Baby Carriers to review, and my problem was solved! Baby M absolutely LOVES to be in the carrier, and it is so much easier on my back than carrying him around all day. My arms are free to move, and best of all, I have the ability to work out with a content toddler!

You might be surprised how great of a workout you can get while “wearing” your baby or toddler in the Boba 3G Baby Carrier. I certainly was! For example, you can do some awesome power walks while babywearing. I like to carry small hand weights while I walk, wearing Baby M in front or back. I love the freedom of movement and not having to push the stroller. Plus, Baby M is much more content, and the added weight of both him and the Boba 3G Baby Carrier Reviewhand weights adds a lot to my workout. There are also a bunch of other ways to work out while babywearing, many that can be done indoors. I learned about several babywearing exercises from Dustin Maher’s BabyTone DVDs (click here to read my review). You can do squats, steps, lunges and more. I had never realized before that the Boba 3G could be my answer to getting a work out in every day!

The carrier itself is made with quality and is quite comfortable. The shoulder straps are wide and thick, adding extra support and making it SO much easier on my back than carrying him in my arms or using a carrier with flimsy straps. I do however find that the straps are just a little wide for my narrow shoulders and small frame (I am only 5’3″). The carrier is made to fit heights 5’0″ to 6’3″, so I am definitely at the lower end of that range. Boba 3G Baby Carrier ReviewI think the only solution for this would be if Boba made a smaller version of the carrier for petite people like me! However, for a one-size-fits-all carrier, I think it’s great and I can still wear it comfortably.

I like that I can put the carrier on in front or back, and that I don’t have to make a bunch of adjustments to the carrier if I want to switch back and forth. It’s very simple and quick to put on. I do find it difficult to put Baby M in the carrier on my back myself, but with time I am sure I will get better at it. The carrier came with a fully detailed instruction booklet with pictures for each step, which I found extremely helpful.

Boba 3G Baby Carrier ReviewBaby M is 16 months and about 25 lbs., and he fits perfectly in the Boba 3G. The carrier is made for children weighing 7-45 lbs. For infants, it adjusts easily to a Newborn Hold that accommodates little ones as small as 7 lbs–and no extra inserts are required! For older toddlers, the carrier comes with patent-pending removable foot straps that improve their posture, support their feet and make for a much more comfortable ride. If you are looking for one baby carrier that suits all of your needs from when your baby is first born on into toddlerhood, the Boba 3G is a great choice.

Some more features that I really like are:

Boba 3G Baby Carrier ReviewThe Boba 3G comes with a snap-on “sleeping hood” which is adjustable and gently shades your child’s head if they are asleep, nursing, or in the direct sunlight.

There are 3 pockets on the carrier, which are handy for so many things. If you’re out shopping, you can slip your keys, credit cards, phone, etc. into the carrier pockets and not even have to worry about bringing a purse into the store. The pockets are also handy for when I go on walks and want to bring some things with me.

Boba 3G Baby Carrier Review

If you need to bring a purse, handbag, diaper bag, toy bag, or any other bag along, there’s a nifty holder on the top of each shoulder strap so you won’t have to worry about your bag slipping off (or constantly adjusting it to make sure it stays on).

The carrier is made of 100% cotton, is quite breathable, and is spot-clean or machine washable.

Boba 3G Baby Carrier ReviewFinally, the 3G carrier is VERY pretty. I chose the new Soho print and I wasn’t disappointed! In fact, I think it’s even prettier in person than in the pictures. The Boba 3G Carrier comes in 3 different colors and 4 different prints. I debated a long time between the Soho print (which is SO pretty — oh wait I already said that, LOL) and the Kangaroo print which is absolutely adorable.

Overall, I’m loving my Boba 3G and I would highly recommend it to other moms! It’s an excellent baby carrier all around, and I am especially enjoying it as a means to successfully exercise on a daily basis–with a content and happy toddler in tow.


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Boba 3G Baby Carriers can be purchased at Boba for $125.00

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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are purely my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


  1. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love the foot straps. That is my only complaint with other soft carriers! I would love one of these just for the foot straps!

  2. Lynn Matthews says

    I was looking at these in the store with my cousin. She is going to be dew soon. It is good to find one that is both safe and comfy for both she and baby. It helps to be cute too:)

  3. Stacey Bicovny says

    I really like this carrier but I think it’s way too pricey. you can get the same quality at a lower price with other carriers.

  4. Barbara R. says

    Great idea…and product. I like that, get a workout you can get while “wearing” your baby or toddler in the Boba 3G Baby Carrier.

  5. Abi says

    I have been researching SSCs and love this one. The inbuilt pockets and bag strap look so handy! I hate faffing round with a buggy and my baby usually cries in it anyway.

  6. Judy Bradley says

    Wow! This sounds great – so versatile! That is what I do not like about many of the carriers, they are only made to fit a certain age or size – even if they say differently!

  7. Cindy B says

    I used a ring sling with our first (or tried to) but we live in FL and it was always way too hot for either of us. I definitely want to try one of these with the one we’re expecting in July.

  8. says

    Oh man I really want this! I almost bought a carrier but it didn’t have a sleeping hood and I just can’t see me wanting to hold my child’s head up if he fell asleep.

  9. Lily Ivey says

    I so want a Boba! I have a Moby Wrap right now, but my LO does not like it anymore. She is definitely ready for a back carry.

  10. Soraya says

    I was looking at other carriers before I read about this one, and your review is great. I love that you mentioned how it gives good back support as that is something thats quite important for me!

  11. Rachel G says

    I have always wanted to try to Boba carriers and your review makes me want to try one even more. I love all of the different features it has from the foot straps to the sleep hood.

  12. says

    Wow, what a pretty looking carrier! My son is also 25 pounds and I’m really happy to read a review of someone who is carrying a toddler (like me) because the reviews done by people with little infants don’t really apply to us any more – they don’t let me know if that carrier is still comfortable and useful once we’re at this next stage. Now I know that a Boba might work for us despite my kiddo being a toddler since it seems to be a great fit for you and your 25 pounder! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Whitney McQuarry says

    I LOVE carriers. They are so convenient when going into small shops that aren’t really set up for strollers. Not to mention I love having my little man close :) I have been wanting a Boba for a while now because they hold larger children. Thanks for the great review.

  14. grl says

    I’m so excited to wear my baby! I can’t wait! My SIL has an ergo carrier. I wonder if there’s a post comparing the two….

  15. Tian Kinasih says

    One of my wish list! It has a really good reviews form mom and dad out there! Would love to win one of this great baby carrier!

  16. trista says

    I was in a twitter party with a boba rep and they said the 3g would be perfect for someone of short stature and a petite frame like myself!

  17. Cynthia P says

    Bumme I missed out on the giveawa, can’t afford a BOba carrier, really love the support it gives to babys hips and the back support seems comfortable

  18. Kimberly Vaughn says

    Really looking forward to eventually getting a Boba 3g! So many great features! Would love nothing more than to win one!

  19. Jessy says

    I really want one of these! I am going to have to wait and find an inexpensive used one. I have a mei tai which works great but I have always wanted to try a SSC.

  20. Lauren McMasters says

    I think the Boba Carriers are absolutely awesome! I wish I had one. We have a carrier from Target :( I think Infantino or something.

  21. Lexi Conklin says

    ive never tried a carrier ive only tried wraps but since my baby is getting bigger it makes me nervous using a wrap i’m thinking i may need to switch to this carrier. thanks for the review!

  22. says

    I would love to try this carrier. I think Boba has such adorable prints. I also love that it has pockets. I hate carrying a diaper bag or even a wallet when I’m wearing my baby. It would be great to have a place to stick my cell phone, keys and money. I also love the shoulder strap that holds the diaper bag on for when you must bring a diaper bag.

  23. Rachel P. says

    I’m in the market for a new carrier and I love how this one seems to cover all the necessities… down to a place to put my keys (that I am forever losing)…. and it will last all the way up till my son is a toddler.

  24. Emily Kuhn says

    I like your idea of doing a power walk workout while wearing baby on your back. I will admit to wearing my little man as a form of exercise but I haven’t taken it as far as using him as extra weight during a workout. I am definitely going to try this! Thanks for the idea!

  25. Becky says

    I love that there are exercises you can do specifically while you are wearing your baby! What a great idea. I will have to look those up once I have my baby this summer!

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