Britax Organic Baby Carrier with Seat Extender Insert – Review & Giveaway! RV $166.98!


Britax is well-known and trusted for their car seats and strollers, but did you know that they also make wonderful baby carriers? When I heard of their unique baby carriers, I couldn’t wait to try one. Britax sent me a beautiful Organic Baby Carrier along with one of their Seat Extender Inserts to review and I am so excited to tell you about it!

Britax Organic Baby Carrier Review

Britax Organic Baby Carrier ReviewThe “Britax Baby Carrier Organic” comes in a natural tan color with black buckles and black, tan and cream stripes on the inside. I really like that it’s such a gender-neutral color and great for women or men to wear. It also looks good with any outfit! The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and is quite soft.

The style of the carrier is very sleek and clean-cut. I never realized how bulky my other carriers were until I tried the Britax! I love that it doesn’t have a lot of the excessive bulk that other carriers have and that it fits trimly on both me and Baby M. This will be an excellent carrier for hot summer days when breathability is key.

For such a trim carrier, it offers surprisingly comfortable back, shoulder, waist and hip support. I especially like the wide panel that goes across the back and attaches to the shoulder straps. This feature disperses the weight more evenly than other carriers I’ve tried (which just have a thin strap and buckle between the straps on the back). I do wish that the panel on the back was padded though because I think that would add even more support and comfort. The overall size of the carrier is great, and even though its a “one-size” carrier, the trimness allows it to fit perfectly on my small frame (I am just 5’3″ tall).

Britax Organic Baby Carrier Review

The carrier comes with an instruction manual, however I didn’t even find it necessary because the step-by-step instructions are printed in pictures on the inside of the carrier! How convenient!

Britax Organic Baby Carrier Review

The carrier is designed to front-carry only (as opposed to wearing baby on your back), but unlike most soft-structured baby carriers, with the Britax you can choose to wear your baby facing you or facing outward. When Baby M was little, I used to wear him facing outward in wrap-style carriers and he LOVED it. However, now that he’s much bigger, wrap-style carriers don’t offer me enough padded support for his weight and I’ve been using soft-structured carriers instead. He’s always turning his neck to look around when I’m wearing him and I’ve wished many times that I could turn him around and wear him facing outward so he could look around with more ease. Well, the minute I put him into the Britax facing outward, he was as happy as a clam. He absolutely loved it! He is able to kick his feet, move his arms, and most importantly look around with ease. He is 17 months and about 26 lbs. and fits very well in the Britax Organic Baby Carrier. The carrier is suitable for children 8-32 lbs.

Britax Organic Baby Carrier Review

For newborns, the Britax Baby Carrier comes with a removable infant insert that zips onto the inside of the carrier which essentially boosts the baby up several inches. It is very easy to add or remove. Britax Organic Baby Carrier ReviewThe head rest also flips up to support young babies, and easily folds down for older babies and toddlers.

The bottom seat area is narrow to allow babies to be carried facing outward, however Britax offers a separate Seat Extender Insert that you can attach to the carrier for wearing older babies/toddlers facing inward. This insert essentially creates a wide seat for them to sit on comfortably when facing you. Britax sent me one of these inserts to try since Baby M is large enough that he needs it when inward-facing in the carrier. The insert took me several minutes to attach and wouldn’t really be something I would want to take off and reattach often. And, Baby M did not seem as comfortable facing inward in the Britax carrier as he does in other carriers. So for us, the Britax will be an outward carrier only–at least for Baby M. I would definitely like to try it with a newborn or smaller baby someday and see if the inward-facing position is more comfortable for them because it seems likely that it would be.

Britax Organic Baby Carrier Review

One of my favorite features of the Britax Organic Baby Carrier is the cream “bib” that covers the top front of the carrier. It is made out of a super soft velour-terry type fabric and feels very absorbent. The bib is very quick to remove (just undo a little snap and then it slids off the unbuckled straps) and it’s machine washable. You can even purchase extra bibs so you can have a whole stash of them on hand. I remember wearing Baby M when he was under 6 months old and he was spitting up and drooling all the time–and it was a mess!! I would hate it when we were in a store and then all the sudden the carrier was soaked with smelly, wet spit up or drenched with drool. He would also always be chewing or sucking on the carrier which made it pretty soggy and gross. I ended up having to wash my carriers again and again. I wish I would have had a Britax Baby Carrier back then! It would have saved me a lot of laundry and would have been so convenient to just switch out the bib right there in the store instead of having to wear a wet carrier for the rest of the time we were out. You don’t even have to take the baby out of the carrier to change the bib. This is a great invention! The whole carrier is of course machine washable as well which is very nice too.

Britax Organic Baby Carrier Review

Putting the Britax Baby Carrier on is effortless. It slides right over your head and arms, and then buckles at the waist. Baby slips in, and then there are two easy-snap clasps that secure baby into place. After that you’re ready to go! I am loving the fact that I don’t have to buckle anything behind my back. The wide panel on the upper back doesn’t have a buckle as most carriers do, and the waist buckle actually comes around to the side to clasp–which I love!

Britax Organic Baby Carrier Review

Overall I am really enjoying the Organic Britax Baby Carrier and I love its design! Just the fact that Baby M can enjoy being carried while facing outward again is huge. The carrier is lightweight and trim, while still offering the support I need. With the machine-washable and easily-removable bib and the newborn insert, I am really looking forward to trying this carrier with a newborn someday. For now, Baby M is thrilled to be toted around facing outward with his arms and legs free to move about and his eyes able to pan the whole room without having to twist his neck to see. I would recommend the Britax Baby Carrier to anyone who loves babywearing, and especially for those whose babies enjoy facing outward.

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  1. Heather says

    So I just wanted to tell you that they say you should only use carriers that make the baby’s legs froggied or at an angle as it looks with the insert but when they are outward facing like in some of those pics it puts too much pressure on groin area. This has and can lead to hip dysplasia just like with jumpers and such. I think that is why Ergo, Boba, Beco all have wider seats. Or mei tai carriers. I am not downing this carrier just hope you ill look into it and/or wear the insert part. :)

  2. Clara says

    I too would like to try the B Ready stroller. But I’m also interested in the new riding board they are coming out with for the back of their strollers for the older siblings!

  3. shirley pebbles says

    I also like the B-AGILE stroller

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    twitter, gfc, stumble/ daveshir2005
    google +/ shirley pebbles

  4. says

    I really like the BIke seat. It looks much more comfprtable thena regular bike seat and I plan to take baby girl on a lot of bike rides this summer.

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