Hot Deal: Save $100 Off!! Honey Oak DaVinci Rowan 4-in-1 Convertable Crib with Toddler Rail

This looks like a beautiful crib! It is regularly priced at $249.99 (see the listing at Babies R Us here) but you can grab it today for an incredible $100 OFF at Zulily! That’s just $149.99 for a gorgeous crib that converts 4 ways and includes a toddler rail. Pretty good deal if you ask me! Plus you can save an extra $5 off with coupon code GA2912 at checkout. Sweet! Grab it at Zulily before they sell out!

DaVinci Rowan 4-in-1 Crib with Toddler Rail - Oak
Honey Oak DaVinci Rowan 4-in-1 Convertable Crib with Toddler Rail



The transition from baby to big kid is quicker than you think, so you need furniture that grows alongside your little one. The Rowan begins as an elegant infant crib with an elevated rear panel and easily transforms to a toddler bed with the included rail. When your tot gets older, simply remove the front panel for a classic daybed!

Happy shopping!



  1. Texas Momma says

    Thank you for sharing this! We’ve been looking for an affordable but nice crib that would match our other nursery furniture. We decided to replace the crib we’ve used with our other two children because it is a drop side crib that’s almost 13 years old. We didn’t feel comfortable putting our youngest in it between the age of the crib and the fact that the drop side cribs are now illegal. We’ve been struggling to find something that was the same style and color of wood, as well as affordable. We didn’t want to spend a fortune to use it just for one child!

  2. Angela says

    This is a great deal!! We already have a crib though but I may try to talk hubby in to getting this one. The one we have doesnt change into anything else. This would save us a lot of money later on.

  3. Beth says

    That is a great deal. We have been looking for a new one, so we might need to check this one out. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Joanne L. says

    Thank you for sharing this! I don’t need a crib, but I have a friend who is expecting her first that I passed this info on to. Thanks again!

  5. Julie G says

    This is a very versitille crib… i wish i have bough a crib that converts like this. ANd what a great deal… I love zulily :)

  6. says

    Like someone above said, I wish I had seen this deal before i spent all of that time re-doing my old crib ?!?!? I will definitely be passing the info. along to the other pregnant mommies i know though :)

  7. Rachel N says

    Thanks for the info. That is a great deal. Having a baby is so expensive that anywhere you can get a break is awesome!

  8. Bea L. says

    This is such a good deal. I’m kind of wishing we didn’t already have a crib – especially since it isn’t a convertible. I hope lots of people took advantage of this deal.

  9. Rachel P. says

    Oh man… wish I had seen this earlier. We got this crib for my sister and it sure wasn’t $150.00. Great crib though!

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