Jeans Made for Cloth Diapers! Project Pomona Pants Review!

Project Pomona

I’m sure I’m not the only cloth diapering parent that has been frustrated with how clothing fits (or rather, doesn’t fit) over cloth diapers. It’s no secret that cloth diapers add some extra “fluff” to our little ones’ bums, and I’ve often wondered Project Pomona Pants Cloth Diaper Jeans Reviewwhy there weren’t companies that made clothing especially for cloth diapered babies and toddlers. That’s why I was thrilled when I heard about Project Pomona, a mom-owned business that makes and sells pants designed to fit perfectly over cloth diapers! Meghan, the owner of Project Pomona, sent me a pair of Ponoma Jeans to review and I couldn’t wait to see how they would work on Baby M.

We have had such frustrations with jeans in particular while cloth diapering. Fitting regular toddler jeans over cloth diapers doesn’t always work too well! Especially when you have a chunky toddler like Baby M with a thick waist. Even if I can manage to get jeans over the fluffy bum, the waist is almost always too tight because of the combination of cloth diaper and chubby tummy. Generally I end up having to size up to a ridiculous size and then cut half the length off the pant for it to fit him–and even still it’s really not a good fit at all. So for the most part we’ve given up on jeans and other non-knit pants… until the Project Pomona jeans arrived!

Project Pomona Pants Cloth Diaper Jeans Review

Pomona pants are designed with extra room on the back end for fluffy cloth diapers, and feature a unique snap-adjustment panel on the front that adjusts the size of the waist to fit your child comfortably whether they are in cloth or disposables. The back waist elastic is very wide/thick, which makes it gentle on the skin and also helps the pants to stay up really well. Each of the pant styles features a cute accent cuff design, so if you need to roll the cuff up to adjust it to your child’s height, you get the added bonus of a really cute print! Project Pomona pants are available in 3 different sizes with no need to “size up” for cloth diapers. You can choose from Size One (3mo-9mo), Size Two (9-18mo), and Size Three (18mo-2T).

Project Pomona Pants Cloth Diaper Jeans Review

Project Pomona Pants Cloth Diaper Jeans Review

Baby M is 18 months and about 26 lbs, and Meghan sent me a Size Three “My Pomona Jeans” in Denim/Bugs print to try. The jeans go on really quickly, with just a simple snap on either side. Project Pomona Pants Cloth Diaper Jeans ReviewThe inseam was just a tad too long for Baby M even with the accent cuff rolled up, but I’m not going to complain because I can roll it up a little further anyway for now and I know he’s going to get a lot taller before he’s out of diapers! The bug print on the accent cuff is cute and very boyish, I love it! The jeans come up high in the back and easily cover any of his cloth diapers. In the picture here he is wearing a Softbums Omni AI2 One-Size Cloth Diaper with a Super DryTouch Pod in case you are curious.

Overall I think these are adorable pants and a fantastic invention! They fit Baby M very comfortably and I appreciate that they are made in the USA with 100% cotton. It’s great to have found a pair of jeans that actually fits over all his cloth diapers! There are only a few little things I would tweak about the pants if I could. The first is the waist size. Baby M is on the very largest waist setting and these are the largest size jeans that Project Pomona offers. I would love to see an additional waist setting or two so that I could feel more assured that they will fit him until he is no longer wearing cloth diapers. Project Pomona Pants Cloth Diaper Jeans ReviewAlso, I would love to see the pockets on the back of the jeans moved upwards some so that they are on the center of the bum. I think they would look cuter that way. And, I would love if the pockets were “real” pockets instead of being sewn closed, although they are really cute the way they are too.

All things considered, I would highly recommend giving Pomona Jeans a try! If you have a cloth diapered baby or toddler, these may be just the solution for finding a pair of non-knit pants that fit easily over their fluffy cloth diapers. I’m really glad we own a pair, and I’ve already been eyeing their jean shorts on the Project Pomona online store! Too cute!

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  1. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    These look great! I love that there are jeans made for cloth diapers and they are so cute!

  2. Samantha says:

    I love the concept! I have jeans that my dd can’t wear now that she is in cloth, and I just love how jeans look on babies!

  3. I too have had this problem with my kiddos! I would do the same thing as you and buy a ridiculously larger size just so the jeans would fit over the cloth diapers! It always looked silly though. My older two are out of dipes now, but I am pregnant with our third who of course will use cloth as well. I’m glad to know that there is now a solution to the ill-fitting pants dilemma!

  4. This is SO great to know! I’m new to CDing and this hadn’t even crossed my mind yet. Glad to know that there are options and I adore the little shorts with the tulips.

  5. Alicia Morris says:

    Those are so cute! :D Great idea, and I love the accent cuff.

  6. These jeans are adorable! I never thought about the issue that would come with fitting pants over cloth diapers as I am still new to this – my baby isn’t due until August – but I’m glad I know where I can find pants now :)

  7. This is genius!! I always have to buy a size up in bottoms for her fluffy booty. Super cute!

  8. Nikole H. says:

    I’ve seen these before and I think they are such a great idea! I think the waist snaps and the cuffs add a neat style touch to them as well :)

  9. Those are very cute!

  10. Sarah h_8 says:

    That is adorable! I never thought about pants not fitting!

  11. These are super-cute! I have a newborn on the way, but I’ve already bought her some jeans when they were on sale. If the ones I bought don’t fit with her fluff, I’ll have to get some of these!

  12. michelle bardos says:

    I think its great that someone is making jeans for cloth diapers because my girls mainly wear The Children’s Place clothes and its not very easy getting jeans on diapers, especially if its a bummis prefold/cover!

    I don’t much care for how they look in my opinion but it would be nice for other companies to catch on, then there could be a variety to choose from :)

  13. What a GENIUS idea! I love the snaps on the front…goes perfect with cloth diapers, in my opinion! ;)

  14. Those look so cute! I love how they look like they’d be easy to get up and down for diaper changes without having inseam snaps (which I always found to be a pain).

  15. I love this! DS is a pretty solid kid (not super chunky, more like a lead weight), so our Softbums diapers make his tush super fluffy! Before we even got pregnant we knew we would be cloth diapering, so I told my mom ahead of time, “Don’t get him any jeans. Stick with knits, because I don’t think anything else will fit well over his fluff-butt.” And it’s true. These jeans, however, look super-cute! Something to look into when it starts cooling down again in, oh, 7 months. :)

  16. Audrey M. says:

    Such a great product! I agree with you on the pocket placement, just another inch higher could make all the difference.

  17. Finally! We have to search high and low for pants that have enough bulge. Thanks for posting this!

  18. Lexi Conklin says:

    so cute! need them

  19. These would work great for my daughter…jeans are always too tight!

  20. so cute!! i love the print at the cuff, and yes we have definitely had issues with jeans and cloth diapering.. except for the stretchy ‘jean’ material! these are wonderful!! i’ll definitely be checking back for mother’s day! :) thanks!

  21. Amanda Alvarado says:

    These jeans are so stinkin’ cute and I love how they grow with your child so you aren’t having to buy new jeans/pants every couple of months! Awesome!

  22. Faith Halverson says:

    I have been so frustrated lately that my daughters jeans just don’t fit over her cloth diapers that I will definitely buy a pair of these next fall for her! Finally a better option than sizing up!

  23. Rachael Kojeitn says:

    I want these!! so cute and I love the lining for when you have it cuffed at the bottom

  24. Jennifer says:

    I want these!!! Love that they keep in mind cloth diapers.

  25. These are so awesome! I want them for my DD!

  26. Caitlin B says:

    These are so cute. My 8-week-old is finally in pocket diapers and, compared to the prefolds we were using, his fluffy butt is comically large.

  27. These are so cute! I need to tell my sister about this; my niece’s pants are constantly fighting with her cloths. :)

  28. stacy h says:

    these are really, really cute! i love the added fabric detail at the cuffs. would love a few pairs of these in our closet!

  29. Theresa H says:

    These are Super cute, I will have to keep this brand in mind for my LO’s fluffy bum!

  30. Wow, I love this idea! We end up having to get huge sizes for our little one just so they’ll fit over diapers. We’ll definitely check this brand out! Thanks for the review!

  31. Dianna Thomas says:

    Well it looks like a win win with this– I too have had to many problems with diapers and jeans, and to fit nice–without falling off, I love this idea,for these jeans.

  32. It’s about time someone came up with a pair of jeans to fit over cloth or disposable diapers…I remember when my daughter was young, some of her clothes fit her again after she was out of diapers…you would think they would take that into account as they are making them for babies. Nice idea.

  33. I think I need some of these for my CD fluffbutt son!

  34. missy zanotto says:

    These are a GENIOUS idea. I’ve had a terrible time with all 3 of my cloth diapered kiddos finding pants (especially jeans) that fit over the diapers.

  35. Michelle E says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pants! They are my favorite CD accessory.

  36. Although these are really cute, I must be blessed with skinny kids or something as both my kids have been able to fit in normal clothes without problems with their BG4.0′s. Maybe it’s all in the way you stuff your diapers?? When DS went to daycare somedays people would notice he had a bigger/fluffy butt, but those tended to be the days I extra stuffed a diaper b/c I knew he’d be drinking a lot or was in a rush when stuffing/trying to get out the door so things didn’t lay as flat…but most parents wondered what brand of sposies were selling cool colors that they saw peaking out the back of his pants.

  37. I really love the idea of jeans that are compatible with cloth diapers. That is a common problem for us as cloth diapering parents.

  38. Laurie Snow says:

    These look like a fabulous option for the fluffy butt. I love how adjustable the waist is. And the so cute fabric hiding for the turned up cuff! Brilliant! :)

  39. Denise Taylor says:

    Loved reading this review. I keep thinking about buying a pair but then question how long they would fit. Based on your review, looks like they are well worth the money.

  40. Lily Ivey says:

    These jeans are a great idea! Good to know they have jean shorts too. Those would be very nice for summer.

  41. these are great! I would love to try these dd is tiny for her age so i have a hard time buying her pants! :(

  42. Jessica Bleasdale says:

    what an AWESOME idea!! I never knew something like these existed. My boys are very big (at birth they were 11.6 and 10.10 respectively) and have remained big so with their big cd bums it’s really tricky finding pants that fit them!!

    Jessica Bleasdale (Rafflecopter: JACB)
    jessicableasdale at gmail dot com

  43. chelsea preston says:

    these look so awesome !!!!!

  44. These look fantastic, I’m having issues finding anything to fit my son properly. To get things to fit around the bum I have to get them super long, and with short season coming it’s going to be difficult.

  45. wow! I love this idea!!!

  46. thats great! the only jeans i can fit over my girls fluff are jeggings from Children’s place. I love that someone finally mae jeans for fluffy butts.

  47. Morgan E says:

    Those are some awesome pants!!!

  48. Judith Moyers says:

    This sounds like a really awesome idea.. Cloth diapers do seem to stick out more than disposables.. :)

  49. How adorable…it looks like you can get a few growth spurts out of them too!

  50. Personally I don’t really have this problem with my daughter since at 17 months, she’s not quite 20lbs. I have to size up to get the right length, so it ends up working out. She wore disposables while were visiting family and it was frustrating how her clothes were too big, and one set of bloomers literally fell off her. With that said, I think this is a great idea, and our nephew who’s due in December and will be cloth diapered may just get a pair as a present from his uncle, aunt, and cousin if a good sale comes out.

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