Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review & Giveaway!

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System

Disposable or cloth? Every parent faces this diapering decision when they have an infant or toddler. So what’s the best choice? Well, there are a lot of aspects to consider, such as cost, your baby’s comfort, the environment, and of course ease (after all, being a parent has enough challenges, and diapering shouldn’t add to them!). Cloth diapering can support all of these aspects, and Mabu Baby is a modern cloth diaper system that proves it!

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System ReviewThe Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System is actually a hybrid system, in which you can use the diapers as “mostly” disposable or entirely cloth. The convenience within this system is that when you want to use cloth, you can, and when you want to switch to disposables (let’s say for daycare or travel use), you can use the cover with eco-friendly disposable inserts made with recycled material. Unless the cover actually gets dirty, it can simply be wiped down and a new disposable pad is laid inside. Same goes with the cloth inserts. Super easy, very eco-friendly, and very versatile. This system is also made very affordable!

Mabu Baby sent me their new Eco-Diaper Starter Kit to review. They also included some samples of the other eco-friendly products they offer: Bioliners, Duzi cloths, Mabu Elephant Scrubbies and an Odor Gator patch. It was great to open this box of goodies! I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review


Diaper Details

  • Sized diapers like disposables come in sizes NB, 1, 2, and 3-4
  • Hybrid diaper with snap-in pad holder and lay-in pads
  • 100% Recycled polyester outer (made with certified recycled plastic bottles)
  • EcoWix inner (made with natural white bamboo charcoal and recycled polyester)
  • Aplix closure
  • Microfleece-topped microfiber inserts
  • EcoWix-topped disposable inserts


Things I Love About It

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System ReviewThey are sold at Wal-Mart! I like to shop at Wal-Mart and the idea of being able to pick up some cloth diapers or disposable pads/liners while I’m buying groceries or household items is great! I love the convenience. Only select Wal-Mart stores carry Mabu Baby since their diaper system is new, but you can request them at your Wal-Mart by printing out the Wal-Mart Request Form at Mabu Baby and presenting it to any Wal-mart Associate at your local store.

They are a very affordable cloth diapering option. If you want to save money by cloth diapering but also want to go with modern cloth diapers, Mabu Baby is a great choice. You can purchase 20 Starter Kits and 24 washable pads for a total cost of approximately $680, whereas disposables may end up costing anywhere from $1500-$3000 from birth to potty training. That’s a lot of money saved!

The idea of a hybrid system is really neat. I like that you can use Mabu Baby Eco-Diapers as cloth diapers or as eco-friendly “disposables,” depending on which insert you choose. It’s great that you can easily switch back and forth for home use, daycare, travel, etc.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review

The microfiber inserts were very absorbent, and quick to dry. The diapers come with one microfiber insert each, and I like that you can use the smaller inserts as doublers when your baby outgrows that diaper size. Mabu Baby sent me one diaper in size 2 and two in size 3-4, and I used the Size 2 insert as a doubler. I like that the inserts are divided in half (and fold-over for use) so that they dry faster than regular inserts.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review

The diapers fit and there were no leaks. I was surprised that Baby M actually fit in both size 2 and size 3-4. He is 15 months and about 25 lbs. I would probably purchase size 3-4 for him though since he won’t be able to wear size 2 for very much longer. Here are some pictures to show the fit:

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review

The EcoWix inner and the microfleece-topped inserts create a stay-dry feel that kept Baby M feeling dry and happy. The EcoWix material is neat in and of itself. It was developed specially by Mabu Baby, made with natural white bamboo charcoal and green, high-tech recycled polyester.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review

I like that the diapers are sized. I didn’t have to worry about rise adjustments and getting the diaper to fit just right. It went on just like a disposable!

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review

My favorite part of the Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System was actually the disposable pads! They look like large maxi pads and are very absorbent. They come in different sizes just like the diapers and can be purchased in packs separately. The pads are made from chlorine-free pulp, and are fragrance free and hypo-allergenic so they are kind to your baby’s skin. Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System ReviewThey make diaper changes really easy, and I like that I don’t have to feel guilty about using them because they are made from recycled materials. Even though we have used cloth diapers almost exclusively for Baby M, there have been times when he has developed horrible diaper rashes from teething that last a week or two at a time before he pops a tooth, and we have switched to disposables during those times so we can slather thick diaper cream (not the cloth-safe kind) all over him. I don’t care for disposables and would much rather use cloth, and these inserts will allow me to use cloth diapers even when I’m using regular diaper creams! The Mabu Baby disposable pads can actually be used inside any cloth diaper — simply lay it inside the diaper (whether it’s a cover, pocket diaper, AIO/AI2, doesn’t matter) and there you go. I would much rather buy a pack of these pads and keep using my cloth diapers (better fit, more comfort, less waist) than buy a pack of disposables. These will be great for those diaper rash times. They will also be really handy for travel. If your child is in daycare, I am sure your daycare providers would love them too!


Things I Would Change

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System ReviewI have to admit I’m not loving the snap-in pad holder. It snaps onto the diaper cover with 5 small snaps (3 on one end and 2 on the other), and a couple of the snaps kept wanting to come undone when I was putting the diaper on. It was also a hassle to snap the pad holders onto the diaper covers after the wash (since they unsnapped themselves during the wash cycle), and THEN lay the inserts into the pad holders. These are definitely diapers you would need to “prepare” ahead of time so you don’t have to keep your baby waiting while snapping the pad holders and laying the pads in. I actually found it to be more work than stuffing pocket diapers.

The diaper was very poofy! The size 2 had a trimmer fit, but he doesn’t have much room to grow. The size 3-4 was very poofy indeed on him! I wish this diaper had a trimmer fit.

The aplix was starting to curl quite a bit even after the first wash. It feels kind of flimsy and thin, and I’m not confident it will hold up its stickiness throughout the life of the diaper.

I wish they had a snap-closure option, and I also wish they came in colors and prints!


Other Eco-Friendly Products

Mabu Baby also sent me some Bioliners, a pack of Duzi cloths, an Odor Gator patch and two Mabu Elephant Scrubbies to try out.

The Bioliners are nifty because they make poopy diaper changes easier. They are flush-able, or you can just dispose of them in the trash.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review

The Mabu Duzi cloths are so neat! I love the idea of reusuable paper towels. You can use these for anything — cleaning, napkins, face wipes, sticky fingers, etc. They are bacteria and stain resistant. They are a woven cloth of 8 layers that hold bacteria, stains, debris, and dirt in suspension–just rinse them out after using and they are fresh, clean and sparkling white. I had never heard of something like this before. These are really useful and eco-friendly!

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review

The Mabu Elephant Scrubbies are made from okra fiber and are great for washing dishes and other cleaning.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review

The Odor Gator clip-on patch is a very handy product. They have not yet released it to the public, but it will be available to purchase soon. I found it helpful to reduce the odor in my diaper pail. It works on ammonia odors by breaking them down into salt and water. To refresh the patch, all you have to do is place it in sunlight and shake or wipe the fabric.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review


The Bottom Line

Mabu Baby makes a great selection of affordable, eco-friendly products that are conveniently available at stores like Wal-Mart! I especially liked their disposable pads that can be used in any cloth diaper, and the Duzi cloths that have so many uses and can replace the need for disposable paper towels. I don’t think that the actual Mabu Baby diaper is for us, since I didn’t care for the pad-holder style and the aplix, but for an affordable alternative to disposables available at Wal-Mart I think they are great and I am so thankful for them. I think they will inspire more people to use cloth and make more eco-conscious decisions which is wonderful!


Buy It

You can purchase Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper Starter Kits and accessories
in stores at Wal-Mart

If they are not sold at your local Wal-Mart, print out the Wal-Mart Request Form
at Mabu Baby
and present it to any Wal-mart Associate at your store.

Find out more about Mabu Baby on their website and be sure to visit them on Facebook!

Win It

One Daily Mothering reader will win a Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper Starter Kit,
Odor Gator patch and pack of Duzi cloths!

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Giveaway

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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are purely my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


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    I really like that the size ranges are large enough to merit buying (I’m sorry, but too narrow of a size range is the thing that will keep me from buying a diaper brand), but small enough to make sure they’ll properly fit. I also like the selection of inserts- disposable on the go, cloth at home. What I would like to see are maybe some fun prints or something. Cloth diapering can be cute too, ya know? Lol.

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