North States Superyard Classic XT Play Yard Review

I purchased the North States Superyard Classic XT Play Yard several months ago for Baby M. He was just beginning to crawl at the time and I needed a safe place for him to play while I was cooking or cleaning. It was the perfect solution, and now that he is walking, the Superyard has become even more of a necessity. He has excersaucers and one of the smaller Bright Starts play yards, which entertain and confine him for a few minutes here or there, but he gets bored in them fairly quickly and wants to be able to move around and play with his toys. When he is in the Superyard with his toys, he is entertained for a much longer period of time. The North States Superyard allows me to cook, clean, and sometimes even blog (LOL) with peace, knowing he is in a safe place and I am okay to watch him out of the corner of my eye!

I chose to get the regular Superyard Classic XT Play Yard with 6 panels as well as the Superyard 2-panel Extension Kit to make it a truly large 34.5 sq. ft. play area. It takes up about a third of our living room, and while it isn’t necessarily the most attractive piece of decor in the house, it serves its purpose very well. The Superyard is 26″ high and my one-year-old son cannot push it over, climb it, or move it, so I feel confident he is safe.

Setting the Superyard up took longer than I would have liked, as the pieces are somewhat difficult to snap to the right adjustments in order to make whatever play area shape you desire. It’s not something I would want to put up and then take down repeatedly, but for us it is a permanent feature in our home until Baby M outgrows it, so once I had it up I was happy.

I have the Superyard set up on our living room area rug. I spread out a blanket on top of the area rug, so I can just wash the blanket periodically and not have to worry about vacuuming or spot-cleaning the rug all the time.

As you can see in the pictures, you can fit a LOT of toys in these baby/toddler play yards and still have plenty of room for your little one(s) to move around. I also like that you can clip all sorts of hanging toys on the Superyard to make it an extra fun place to be.

The Superyard can be used indoors and outdoors, and is also great for pets (dogs, rabbits, turtles, etc). Honestly I don’t think I will ever stop having a use for it, whether it be with young children or with pets. I have seen friends pull their Superyards out at Christmas time to put around their Christmas tree to keep pets (or toddlers) off of the tree and gifts. There are so many uses for it, and in my opinion the Superyard is well worth the investment.

Overall I am SO pleased with the North States Superyard Classic XT Play Yard! I would put this on your “must have” list if you have an infant or toddler. As a work-at-home mom, I don’t think I could get anything done without it!


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Disclosure: I purchased this product and did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are purely my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.



  1. says

    New follower from the Give a Hoot Blog Hop. I am so glad I found your blog my husband and I were just looking that this on Amazon last night. We were thinking about putting it around our Christmas tree this year, since our daughter just started crawling this week! Thanks for the helpful review and I look forward to following.

  2. Christina C says

    I purchased the wooden North States play yard with multiple extensions for my early walking and high energy son. I could not have lived without it. The wooden version was kind of pricey, but a really high quality product (not to mention free shipping from Amazon!). Great product.

  3. says

    I have a gate similar to this around our TV. We’re in the market for another for the yard when the weather gets better. This one looks sturdy and relatively inexpensive and I love Amazon and their free shipping!

  4. Eileen says

    I was so happy to see this showcased here…my daughter is doing day care in our home and will have 3 babies to care for this summer. I wondered how to keep them all safe when outside to get some fresh air. This is perfect! I realize this is an “old” review and the price would not be the same, but THIS is a great deal! I hope to find one on sale for the babies and ready for summer! thanks!

  5. Tian H. says

    I desperately need play yard to avoid my daughter running into kitchen area. Thank you for the review, great play yard at affordable price, :)

  6. hayley says

    i love this! I have been thinking about getting one of these since it allows much more room then a playyard! THis one seems sturdy and inexpensive!

  7. says

    I have never used a play yard, play pen, or other baby containment device ;D But I am expecting my fourth AND homeschooling the oher three and highly suspect I am going to NEED something to keep this little one out of trouble. This look like a great idea, and I love the idea that I can use it for other things !

  8. NeKisha Rowe says

    I like this play yard much better than the one we created with old playpen sides when my son was a toddler. That one was perhaps a bit more attractive, since it was wood. This looks nice for ease of cleaning and assurance that they aren’t going to find a way over or out!

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