Travel Blankid Buddy Review & Giveaway!

What does your child take with them for road trips and travel? A stuffed animal to snuggle with, a backpack filled with activities for the car or plane, a pillow for naptime, and a blanket in case it’s chilly perhaps? Wouldn’t it be convenient if all of those items could be combined to save space in the cramped car or airplane? Well, now they can be! The Travel Blankid Buddy is a nifty 4-in-one blanket, pillow, backpack and plush friend!

I received an adorable Blankid Buddy called “Pailou the Panda” for review. Pailou is soft and squishy, and very cute in and of himself. Who doesn’t love panda bears? Baby M enjoyed feeling how soft he was, and proceeded to carry him around the room like he was his new best friend.

The Blankid Buddy converts from being a plush stuffed animal and backpack to a neck pillow and blanket. Inside the backpack is a nifty drawstring bag attached with velcro, with plenty of room for all kinds of travel activities, books, games, etc.

To convert the backpack to a blanket, simply detach the velcro on the feet and hands of the Blankid Buddy and unzip the backpack on the sides. The drawstring bag easily comes off by separating the velcro — so you now have a separate bag containing all of the activities while your child uses the blanket. The arms of the Blankid Buddy wrap around your child’s neck and fasten together with velcro to create a secure neck pillow. The feet wrap around your child’s legs so the blanket stays in place and covers their whole body for a nice warm, comfy nap.

Here is a short video clip I took of the Blankid Buddy so you can see how it works:

The Blankid Buddy came with a small tag that has instructions on how to convert it back and forth, which was certainly needed. I’ll admit, I was confused at first! I actually wish it had come with pictured step-by-step instructions because it was a little difficult to figure out how everything was done just by reading the instructions. I’m a more visual person and pictures would be helpful. Once I figured it out though, it became very easy and quick to convert Pailou from being a stuffed animal/backpack to a pillow/blanket.

One thing about the Blankid Buddy I would probably change is the velcro. I wish the closures were plastic snaps instead of velcro. One of the reasons I like the Blankid Buddy so much is that it can be used as a travel blanket, and having patches of scratchy velcro on a blanket (regardless of where it is located) just isn’t quite as cozy as I would like. Also, the hands and feet attach together with velcro to form the arm straps of the backpack, and the top of the backpack seals with velcro. I don’t really see this as a problem but I would feel more secure about the backpack staying on and remaining closed if it could snap together instead. Velcro is very easy for children to work with, however, so I can see why it’s also beneficial to have this type of closure on a product made for young children.

Overall I think the Blankid Buddy is a really neat idea and something I will certainly bring along with us whenever we travel. It’s cute, and snuggly, and I love that it can serve several different purposes in the car, plane, stroller, movie theater, etc. and then be quickly zipped and velcro-ed back up into an adorable little panda bear backpack that Baby M can carry on his own when he gets a little older. It’s also great that the whole thing is machine washable. I can see us getting a lot of use out of this product!

The Travel Blankid Buddy is available in 3 different styles: Pailou the Panda, Makemba the Monkey and Lula the Ladybug. They are all really cute! Visit the Blankid Buddy website to learn more about these adorable plush friends!

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Travel Blankid Buddy like the one in my review!

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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review, and did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are purely my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


  1. Gianna says

    The Travel Blankid Buddy is available in 3 different styles: Pailou the Panda, Makemba the Monkey and Lula the Ladybug.

  2. Leslie Guenther says

    I learned from your review that this is not only a stuffed animal and blanket but the head is a pillow when the blanket is pulled out. So cool.

  3. Bonnye Sensenig says

    I agree with this- and I am happy you included this info! “The Blankid Buddy came with a small tag that has instructions on how to convert it back and forth, which was certainly needed.”

  4. says

    I learned that Pailou Panda is from Sichuan Province of China

    Makemba Monkey is a Bonobo Ape from South of the Zaire River in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Lula Ladybug is a Ladybird Beetle from Yosemite National Park, California


  5. Jackie Craig says

    I learned that the company has designed these buddies with specific animals in mind and not just named them but included thier species and where the animal’s environment is. I like this VERY much!!!

  6. Misty says

    I like the panda the best! My son has a stuffed panda that he sleeps with every night, so I know the panda will be perfect for him!

  7. Megan says

    These guys are pretty cute. I myself prefer Cozy Tyme Cuddlers 4-in-1 blanket, pillow, backpack and toy because it’s a million times simpler and the toy doesn’t lose it’s shape at all!

    I also love the storybook that comes with the Cozy Tyme Teddy.

    Blankid buddies are very cute but I have to go with Cozy Tyme Cuddlers on the 4-in-1 toy genre!

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