Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway!


I’ve been curious about Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Pocket Cloth Diapers for a long time and finally had the opportunity to try one when Wahmies sent me a diaper to review! This diaper is designed very differently than other cloth diapers I have tried, and I’m looking forward to telling you about it!

Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper Review

Diaper Details

  • One-size diaper (fits 7-30 lbs)
  • Pocket diaper
  • PUL outer
  • PUL partial inner for Hydro-Assure Technology
  • Bamboo viscose/cotton velour partial inner
  • Snap closure (one row of waist snaps)
  • Crossover snaps for newborn setting
  • Hip snaps to prevent wing droop
  • Snap-down rise with 4 settings
  • Fold-to-fit bamboo viscose/cotton terry insert included

 Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper Review

Things I Love About It

The feature I actually love most about the Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Diaper is the insert! It is a large fold-to-fit insert made of very soft bamboo viscose and cotton terry. I found it very easy (and quick!) to fold it to the right size. For a newborn you might fold it 4 times lengthwise to make it narrower, and for larger babies it is a simple 3-fold, and then fold down the length to match the rise of the diaper. I love this insert because it is so versitle, and SO absorbent! Baby M (very heavy wetter) made it through a nap and could have gone much longer with this insert. No doubler needed! It is very rare when I find an insert that is so absorbent we don’t need to double it up with an additional insert. And, I love that the insert can be used AI2-style, too. You can simply lay the insert on top of the diaper inner if you want, or you can stuff it into the pocket. Either way! It is very soft and even I wouldn’t mind wearing it!

Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper Review

My second favorite thing about the Wahmies Deluxe is the buttery soft inner lining made from luxurious organic cotton velour and bamboo viscose. It is very stretchy, and oh so soft. And the fact that it is made of natural fibers makes this diaper great for babies with sensitivities to microfiber and other synthetic cloth diaper linings.

Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper Review

I love the prints! The colors are cute too (Wahmies sent me one in Baby Blue), but my favorite are the prints. I especially love the Robots, Spring Ooga Booga, Earth Giraffe, and Hooty Booty prints!

Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper Review

The diaper fits Baby M very well around the waist and legs, and there were no leaks or notable red marks. I have noticed that with most diapers that only have one row of waist snaps (instead of two), I usually can’t get a good fit around the legs. But with the Wahmies I was surprised to find that the leg holes fit perfectly. Baby M is 17 months and just over 25 lbs, and wears the diaper on the second-to-largest rise snap setting:

Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper Review

The Wahmies Deluxe has 4 rise settings, whereas most one-size diapers only have 3. The diaper snaps down every bit as small as a Bumgenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper, and unsnaps completely to about the same size as the Bumgenius when on the largest setting. I would say this diaper would start fitting well at about 10 lbs and will easily fit Baby M until potty training which is a huge plus! The Wahmies website says that the diaper only fits to 30 lbs, but with Baby M at just over 25 lbs with still another rise setting and several waist snap settings to go, I’m thinking this diaper may even fit up to 35-40 lbs depending on how wide the waist needs to be.

Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper Review

There was no wicking out of the leg holes and with the design of the diaper I don’t think there even could be! The Wahmies Deluxe uses a special “Hydro-Assure Technology” which essentially means that the fabric around the leg holes (as well as the diaper inner lining except for the strip of bamboo/cotton down the middle) is made out of PUL, which will prevent liquid from being pulled to the edges of the diaper.

They are made in the USA which is great!


Things I Would Change

Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper ReviewThe main thing that stands out to me is that I don’t really like a whole lot of PUL right next to Baby M’s skin, and since most of the inner lining of the Wahmies Deluxe diaper is made of PUL, there really is no way to avoid it with this diaper. As a result, the leg holes and waist are not nearly as soft against his skin as with most of his diapers that have microfleece, bamboo or suedecloth for an inner lining. The PUL itself is actually not as soft as other PUL I have encountered either. I really, really wish that the entire inner diaper lining were made out of the buttery soft cotton velour/bamboo viscose fabric that is used on the inner strip of the diaper!

Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper ReviewThe only other significant thing that I would change about this diaper is the waist settings. I wish the front panel had more of them! It won’t be long before Baby M is on the wider settings and at that point there will be no snap to use for the hip snap stud, which means it will be digging into his skin. This is a problem we have with most one-size diapers that have hip snaps. I would like to see them either extend the front panel and add more waist snap settings, or include hip snap covers to solve the problem.

I also wish they had an aplix version!

The Bottom Line

I really like this diaper as an industrial diaper that I KNOW will not leak! I can see using it when we’re out running errands or visiting with people because I know we won’t encounter a leak. I LOVE the insert, it is by far one of the most absorbent inserts I have tried, and I am hoping to buy more! (They are available individually for $4.50 each). The diaper itself fits and functions very well, but as far as day-to-day comfort, I would opt for a diaper with a softer inner lining rather than the PUL that lines half of the inside of the Wahmies Deluxe. I’m hoping they make a version with an 100% bamboo/cotton inner in the future!

Buy It

You can purchase Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diapers
for $19.95 each at Drybees (a Wahmies owned company)
or at cloth diaper retailers like Sew Crafty Baby!

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Win It

One Daily Mothering reader will win a Wahmies Deluxe One-Size Cloth Diaper!
(In adorable Butter yellow!)

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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are purely my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


  1. says

    Honestly, I am new to the all in one and one size diapers but I like that the diaper is made in the USA. That may not be important to some but it is important to me. It’s an adorable diaper too. I’d have to give it a try myself. =)

  2. Keri B. says

    What I like most about this diaper is the insert! I like inserts that you can fold to fit. I also find that they wash up better then the pre-sewn pads.

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