WeePantz One-Size AI2 Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

WeePantz Cloth Diapers

I’m going to start by saying that WeePantz AI2 Cloth Diapers are one of my new favorites and also one of the cutest cloth diapers I have ever seen!

Amy, the owner of WeePantz, lives in Australia and makes the diapers herself. She sent me an adorable One Size Fits Most diaper in “Ahoy Thar!” print for Baby M. I can’t wait to tell you about these fantastic handmade cloth diapers!

WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

Diaper Details

  • One-size-fits-most diaper
  • AI2 diaper with snap-on soaker
  • Minky outer
  • PUL sandwiched between outer and inner fabrics
  • Luxuriously soft and plush microfleece inner
  • 4-layer bamboo fleece soaker topped with microfleece
  • Snap closure (two rows of waist snaps)
  • Crossover snaps for newborn setting
  • Hip snaps to prevent wing droop
  • Snap-down rise with 4 settings

WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) AI2 Cloth Diaper Review


Things I Love About It

I love the quality of this diaper. I can tell that Amy spends a lot of time making these because the attention to detail is excellent excellent. The materials are much thicker and stronger than what you would find on “made in China” diapers. There is really something to be said about diapers that are made by WAHM’s.

WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

This diaper is super soft! I’m really loving the thick, plush microfleece that is softer than any other diaper microfleece I have come across (even after a few wash/dry cycles!). The minky outer is also very soft and cushy. And I absolutely love the gentle and wide elastics for the back and legs. This diaper truly left NO red marks on Baby M and he was so comfortable in and happy to be wearing it!

WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

The print is so stinking cute! It has blue minky on the middle part and striped knit on the top and bottom. WeePantz offers a lot of other really cute designs too!

The soaker is one of the very most absorbent cloth diaper inserts I have ever encountered. Which is really saying something because I have tried a lot of cloth diapers! I received the One-Size-Fits-Most soaker, which is huge, and wonderful for larger babies! It attaches to the diaper shell with two snaps.

WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

The soaker is made of 4 layers of bamboo fleece, separated into two pieces (for faster drying) that are attached together at the top and bottom. The top piece of bamboo is topped with a layer of plush microfleece, which adds a nice soft layer and stay-dry feel. The soaker has a snap-down adjustment on it to make it larger or smaller in length, or you can simply fold it and not worry about the snaps if you wish.

WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

I was happy to learn that WeePantz also makes sized inserts (for their sized diapers) and you can now select whether you want a newborn insert or OSFM insert when ordering the One-Size diaper. This is great because the OSFM soaker would be far too large for a newborn! Here is a comparison picture with the WeePantz diaper next to a Grovia One-Size AIO to show you just how large the soaker is:

WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

And this is how thick the OSFM soaker is when doubled over (diaper set to the smallest setting for a newborn):

WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

I actually really like the idea of purchasing these diapers with a newborn soaker when your baby is tiny, and then when they grow a little bigger, purchasing the OSFM soakers and using the newborn inserts as doublers for nighttime. What a great system!

The diaper snaps down very small on the smallest setting. It is a “fluffy” diaper so it may not actually look as small as other diapers, but in fact the leg and waist openings do get very small and I can easily see this fitting an 8-10 lb baby. The top of this post has a picture of the diaper snapped to the smallest setting (without the soaker).

The fit on Baby M was great! He wore it completely unsnapped in the rise and on the second-to-largest waist settings on both sides. He is 17 months and about 26 lbs.

WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

 The diapers are “fluffy” but also very squishy and fit trimly underneath clothing without a lot of bulk.

I’ll have to admit, with so much minky and and fleece on the diaper and around the leg openings, I was concerned about the diaper wicking or leaking like other minky diapers I’ve owned. As it turns out, Baby M (super heavy wetter) can wear this diaper for several hours with NO leaking, and the insert is still not soaked through. This is very impressive for any diaper–especially one that only comes with one insert. The bamboo insert is incredibly absorbent (even better than two regular microfiber inserts) and the diaper is truly leak-proof!

I also love that it’s an AI2 style diaper. These are my favorite type of cloth diapers. I love the simple easy of snapping on a soaker instead of having to fiddle with an insert to get it into a pocket opening, and I also love that you can use the diaper 2-3 times before washing, with just changing out the soaker each diaper change. This essentially cuts the cost of the diaper in half or in third, which makes a big deal when you’re looking to cloth diapering for money savings.


Things I Would Change

I love these diapers and there is very little I would change about them! The only things I can think of are in relation to the actual sizing of the diaper shell and soakers:WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

The diaper snaps down very small, but fully unsnapped on the rise, Baby M is one snap (on each side of the waist) away from being on the largest setting possible for the diaper. And, on the very widest snap settings the hip snaps will be uncovered and there will be no fabric between the snap studs and his skin, which will make the diaper very uncomfortable for him to wear. I would like to see the rise lengthened, and the front panel widened with extra snap settings for larger babies and toddlers like mine, and enough fabric on the edges of the front panel to cover the hip snap studs on the very largest setting when the hip snaps are no longer needed.

Also, I love the OSFM soaker but I would love to see it trimmed down just a little on the sides so it would be narrow enough to use with my other one-size cloth diapers (many of which are too narrow for this insert).

The Bottom Line

I love this diaper! It’s adorable, ultra soft, comfortable, leak-proof, super absorbent, and, well, you simply must try one! I’m adding this diaper to my favorites list and looking forward to getting more. I wish that WeePantz made them a little larger though so they would fit Baby M longer–because I’m going to be really sad when he outgrows this diaper!

Buy It

You can purchase WeePantz One-Size-Fits-Most AI2 Cloth Diapers
for about $34.49 USD each at WeePantz

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Win It

One Daily Mothering reader will win a WeePantz OSFM AI2 Cloth Diaper!
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  1. Sherry Wakelin says

    I like the large soaker. We have a heavy wetter so the more absorbency the better. The prints are sweet and I think most are gender neutral enough to use either way which is fantastic when buying diapers since I plan to use them again.

  2. Christina says

    I’ve never had an AI2, but this looks like a very comfortable and absorbent diaper. And it is so cute!

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