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I love to try new baby carriers. I’ve heard many great things about ring sling style carriers but had never tried one! Zolowear Solstice Ring Sling Baby Carrier ReviewI was particularly interested to see how they would work with my toddler. EcoBaby Canada introduced me to Zolowear Ring Slings and I was so excited to receive one to review. I’m looking forward to telling you about my experience with it!

The Zolowear Ring Sling baby carrier comes in many different prints, all of which are so beautiful that I really had a hard time deciding which one to pick! I ended up selecting the Solstice print and I am so happy that I did. It is a gorgeous black and white print with circle designs and butterflies. It suits me perfectly. I would wear a dress made with this print! I love how it looks, and it adds so much to anything I wear. It is beyond a doubt the prettiest carrier I have seen. I wish I could buy the fabric and make stuff out of it!

The ring sling arrived in a reusable bag that Baby M immediately claimed as his own and started filling with toys. I always appreciate companies that offer reusable packaging!

Zolowear Ring Sling Baby Carrier Review

The sling comes in several different sizes (from Extra Small to Extra Large) and based on the size chart I went with size Small. I’m 5′ 3″ tall. When I tried it on, I knew I had selected the right size because the sling is not too short, but not too long either — just right.

Zolowear Ring Sling Baby Carrier Review

The Zolowear Ring Sling has two metal rings which the fabric weaves through to create a secure and safe hold for your baby. I have to admit I was always skeptical of ring slings and how secure they would feel. I always wondered if the rings would be able to grab the fabric tight enough to really support a baby or toddler. Well, my concerns were relieved! The rings really hold the fabric very securely and I wouldn’t worry at all about the fabric slipping or coming unfastened!

Zolowear Ring Sling Baby Carrier Review

For me, there was a significant learning curve with using the ring sling. As I mentioned before, I had not used this type of carrier before so it was kind of tricky to figure out at first! I read the instruction booklet and followed the steps, but was still frustrated and couldn’t seem to tighten or loosen the sling smoothly. That’s when I decided to watch the included instructional DVD, and I’m so glad that did! On the DVD they show in detail how to properly use the sling, and with a few simple tweaks, I finally “got it” and was able to adjust the sling easily. So with that said, if you haven’t used ring slings before, it is probably going to take some practice to get it right. I am still learning and seem to get a better fit with the sling every time I use it.

Zolowear Ring Sling Baby Carrier Review

One of the features I love the most about the Zolowear Ring Sling is the very large zippered pocket on the tail end that hangs down in front. This pocket is wonderful for keeping just about anything you might need handy, like your keys, cell phone or wallet, or baby essentials like a teething toy, burp cloth, pacifier, etc. And, if the pocket is empty, this part of the ring sling can actually be used as a nursing cover if you choose to breastfeed while babywearing. How convenient is that!

You can wear the Zolowear Ring Sling in several different ways. The instruction booklet and DVD demonstrate 6 carrying positions. Baby M is 18 months and about 26 lbs, so he is too big for the newborn or baby positions. The 2 positions appropriate for toddlers are the hip carry and the back carry. Zolowear Ring Sling Baby Carrier ReviewI haven’t tried the back carry yet since it’s considered more of an advanced position and I’m still kind of a newbie when it comes to ring slings. But the hip carry works very well and is so comfortable! I carry Baby M on my hip all day anyway, and the ring sling helps take the strain off my arms and back. The Zolowear Ring Sling is appropriate for children weighing 5-40 lbs, so I’m looking forward to being able to use the sling for a long while more!

Zolowear slings are made in the USA and it’s obvious that they use quality materials. The sling is machine washable which is a MUST. (And if you’re worried about the rings clanging against your washer, just slip a sock over them). The sling fabric is thicker than I thought it would be, but in a good way, because I know it won’t stretch out or tear. If you’re curious, the material is made from 97% cotton sateen and 3% stretch lycra. Overall the ring sling is very breathable and certainly much cooler to wear than some of the thicker padded carriers. I’m looking forward to using it this summer!

I’m really glad to own the Zolowear Ring Sling and overall I think it’s an excellent quality product for any mom! It does take some practice if you aren’t familiar with ring slings, but the included DVD is so helpful and will guide you through each step. I love how beautiful the ring sling looks and I can only imagine how many compliments I will receive when babywearing in public with the Zolowear. These would certainly be lovely Mother’s Day gifts–for someone you know, or for yourself!

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  1. Danielle says

    Silver, if they make it in that color. There are only two colors in stock for the slings right now. They are both kinda girly so I’d hope they make the sling in the silver print I saw in the wrap section b/c I’ve got a bitty boy!

  2. Andie says

    Since there are only two in-stock right now, I’d have to say Gigi. I wish there were more of a more manly cover for my hubby to wear!

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